Frequently asked questions


Below are some questions about our shop locations and opening hours.


Below are some questions about ordering procedures and changing your order details.

Items and purchasing

Below are some questions about purchasing items.


Where are the shops located?
They are located in the International Gate Area in Terminal 1 (T1) and the International Gate Area in Terminal 2 (T2).
Both areas can be found after completing immigration procedures. Please see the Floor map for details.
When are the shops open and when are they closed?
The shops are open 365 days a year. Please be aware that they are open at different times.
For details, select the shop from the Floor map.


When can I start ordering and when is the cutoff?
Period within which orders are accepted differs according to the flight you will be boarding.
If boarding a regular flight:
Orders can be placed at anytime from 25 days before departure to 5 p.m. on the day before your flight.
If you are boarding a late night or early morning flight(flights departing between 0 a.m. to 7 a.m.):
Orders can be placed from 25 days before departure to 5 p.m. two days before flight.

Late night or early morning flight refers to flights departing between 0 a.m. to 7 a.m.

Can I only order on the website?
orders are accepted only through our website.
We do not take orders by fax or phone.
Can I order even if my departure flight has not been finalized?
You cannot order if your departure flight has not been finalized.
We ask that you order after finalizing your flight.
Can I order if the person requesting the order is not the passenger on the departing flight?
Booking items are receivable only if the same person reserve and purchase.
Can I change my order or add to it?
What should I do if my flight, departure time, or schedule change?
Procedures for making changes or additions differ according to the payment method.
For details, please visit the following page.
I haven't received a order completion email.
If you don't receive a order Completion Email after completing your order, please check the following possible causes.
▼ Check the following
  • The email address is incorrect.
  • Your email software, etc. has treated the email as junk email.
  • The domain was not specified when registering the mobile email address.

If you think none of the above is applicable, please contact us using the inquiry form.

I have forgotten my ID and/or password.
If you forget the information required to login, please take the following steps.
▼ If you have forgotten your password
Re-send your password here.
▼ If you have forgotten your email address
Send us the following required information using the inquiry form.
Required information
・Your name, address, and phone number

Items and purchasing

Where can we pick up the products?
You can collect your items at the shop designated by us on completion of your order.
See the shop details here for locations. You cannot specify a pickup store.
What payment methods are acceptable?
The payment methods that are acceptable for online settlement are as follows.

Online payment

  • Credit cards
  • UnionPay
  • Alipay

Store payment

Currently, our shops has been tempolarily suspended handling foreign currency.
Credit cards
One time, installed, revolving, and bonus (scheduled lump) payments accepted
Electronic money
PiTaPa, Edy, iD, WAON
UnionPay card, Alipay, WeChatPay
Can I send duty free items inside Japan or overseas?
Can I pick them up when I come back to Japan?
Duties (customs duty, liquor tax, tobacco tax, etc.) are exempted for duty free items on condition that the items are purchased by customers departing Japan for overseas and that the customers carry the items overseas (for consumption overseas).
Therefore, you cannot send them anywhere, whether inside Japan or overseas.
For the same reason, you cannot pick them up when returning to Japan.
Can I purchase items at a duty free shop if I go to Kansai International Airport?
Only passengers departing Japan may purchase items at duty free shops.
If I am entering Japan from overseas at Narita Airport via Kansai Airport, can I purchase items at a duty free shop at Kansai Airport?
Only passengers departing Japan may purchase items at duty free shops.
Even if you are in an international gate area, if your final destination is inside Japan, you cannot purchase any duty free items.
What happens if I could not collect my items on my departure date.
Can I cancel a order?
If you do not come to the shop on the departure date that you entered when ordering, we will cancel your order. There is no cancellation charge. If you decide to cancel before your departure date, please complete the cancellation procedure beforehand.
If the reservation is not cancelled beforehand, you may be contacted by our company.
The payment of the product costs is non-refundable.
Can the product reservation be partially modified or cancelled on the day of departure when picking up the products at the shop?
Orders paid for online cannot be partially modified or cancelled at the store on the day of departure.

However, it is possible to cancel the entire reservation and then make payment for only the desired products,with the exception of products discounted only by advance reservation and special reward products. A "5% Off Coupon for In-store Purchase" may be used.

Carrying on liquids to flight cabin
Carrying on any liquids whose container exceeds a capacity of 100ml (g) onto a flight cabin is prohibited on all international flights departing Japan, from the perspective of air safety. However, liquids purchased at duty-free stores after immigration are allowed on board flights with the exception of those falling under certain conditions. Please refer to the following page for details.


Can I exchange or return items I have purchased?
We do not exchange or accept return of items due to your own circumstances.
In the event of a product fault, we ask that you please contact Inquiries, below.
Kansai Airport Retail & Services
1 Senshukukonaka Tajiri-cho Sennan-gun Osaka 549-0011
Ph: TEL:072-455-4195
Hours:9:00-17:00(Available all year round, seven days a week.)

Below are some frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please contact us using the inquiry form.
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