Product & Purchases
■ Where can we pick up the products?

You can collect your items at the shop designated by us on completion of your order.
See the shop details here for locations. You cannot specify a pickup store.

■ Please tell me when I can pick up my order.

You can pick up products during the store's business hours.

■ What payment methods are acceptable?

Acceptable payment methods are as follows.
This reservation site is only for reservations and the transaction is finalized (conclusion of the sales contract) when the product is delivered, regardless of whether payment is made in-store or online.

・Online payment
Credit Card (JCB, MasterCard only), UnionPay, ALIPAY, WeChat Pay

・Store payment
Credit Card: Visa, master card, JCB, Amex, Diners
(One time, installed, revolving, and bonus (scheduled lump) payments accepted)
※One-time payment only for credit cards that were issued out of Japan.
Electronic money: PiTaPa, Rakuten Edy, iD, WAON, ICOCA
Miscellaneous: UnionPay card, Alipay, AlipayHK, WeChat Pay, Kakao Pay

■ Will I get a refund immediately if I cancel my reservation?

Refunds will be made automatically, but the number of days required for refund will vary depending on the payment method used at the time of pre-payment. (It may take more than a month.) We do not know the exact refund date, therefore please ask for details to the payment management company (credit card company, financial institution, etc.) of the card you used when using the service.

■ Do I need to show my online payment details at the store?

It is necessary to present it at the store in order to prevent unauthorized use and confirm the owner.
Following will be asked to present:
Boarding pass
Reservation number (completion email with reservation number, screenshot etc.)
Passport (used for identity verification)
Credit card used for payment, Alipay payment information, WeChat Pay payment information

■ Can I send duty free items inside Japan or overseas?
Can I pick them up when I come back to Japan?

Duties (customs duty, liquor tax, tobacco tax, etc.) are exempted for duty free items on condition that the items are purchased by customers departing Japan for overseas and that the customers carry the items overseas (for consumption overseas).
Therefore, you cannot send them anywhere, whether inside Japan or overseas.
For the same reason, you cannot pick them up when returning to Japan.

■ Can I purchase items at a duty free shop if I go to Kansai International Airport?

Only passengers departing Japan may purchase items at duty free shops.

■ If I am entering Japan from overseas at Narita Airport via Kansai Airport, can I purchase items at a duty free shop at Kansai Airport?

Only passengers departing Japan may purchase items at duty free shops.
Even if you are in an international gate area, if your final destination is inside Japan, you cannot purchase any duty free items.

■ What happens if I could not collect my items on my departure date.
Can I cancel a order?

If you do not come to the shop on the departure date that you entered when ordering, we will cancel your order. There is no cancellation charge. If you decide to cancel before your departure date, please complete the cancellation procedure beforehand.
If the reservation is not cancelled beforehand, you may be contacted by our company.
The payment of the product costs is non-refundable.
※Please note that we may limit the service of this website if we have a cancellation without any contact.

■ Can the product reservation be partially modified or cancelled on the day of departure when picking up the products at the shop?

Orders paid online cannot be accepted partial changes or cancellations of orders due to customers' personal preferences on the day of departure.
Orders paid online can be partially modified or cancelled online (from My Page) by 5:00pm on the day before the departure. (excluding some flights)
For those who board a Late Night or Early Morning Flight, which departs between midnight and 7:00am, the modification or cancellation will be accepted by 5:00pm 2 days before the departure date.

Orders to be paid at the store can be partially modified or cancelled at the store on the day of departure.
However, products discounted only by advance reservation and special reward products are not applicable. 

■ Carrying on liquids to flight cabin

Carrying on any liquids whose container exceeds a capacity of 100ml (g) onto a flight cabin is prohibited on all international flights departing Japan, from the perspective of air safety. However, liquids purchased at duty-free stores after immigration are allowed on board flights with the exception of those falling under certain conditions. Please refer to the following page for details.

Carrying on liquids to flight cabin.

■ Duty-free allowances for entering other countries

Regulated products such as tobacco, liquor and perfume, etc. are subject to duty-free allowances when entering each country. If you exceed duty-free allowances, your items will be subject to possible confiscation and fines, etc. at customs. We ask that you purchase products upon confirmation of duty-free allowances of each country. We will not be held responsible for amount, quantity or capacity of items reserved. Please place orders upon your own judgement.