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Product description

Catchlight Stick attracts white light to the skin like a reflector to accentuate the eyes.
The two-layer structure, which complements white light like a reflector along with the lacking light in each person's skin, creates a natural finish that blends well with the skin, thus forming catchlight in the eyes.
It will make your skin look more translucent.
Yellow is recommended for skin with dark spots and freckles.
Non-comedogenic tested and allergy tested.
*This does not guarantee that all users will be free from acne or allergic reaction.
○Moisturizing ingredient (hyaluronic acid)

●Let the stick out about 5 mm and apply directly around the eyes after applying base makeup. Lightly tap with fingers to blend well.
●Can also be used for makeup retouch.

◇Do not let the stick out more than 5 mm.
◇The stick may break if it falls or is too long.
◇Ensure that the metal part does not touch the eyes or skin.
◇Close the cap tightly after use.
◇Keep the side of the cap on top when storing.
◇Keep away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.
◇The marble patterns vary by item. This does not affect the finish.

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