Panasonic 밥솥 SRTHB185W

상품 설명

• 5-layer whole surface IH generates an all-embracing strong heat that penetrates to the very core of the rice
• Diamond pot reproduces the heat build-up of a traditional broad brim rice pot combined with the heat retention of the outer cooking pot
• Easy-to-clean single button release inner lid and clear frame

Power Source:220 V

Power Consumption:1400 W (THB185)

Product Size:Approx. 279 (W) × 232 (H) × 348 (D) mm (THB185)

Product Weight:Approx. 5.5 kg (THB185)

Colour:-W (White)

Manufacturing Country:Japan

Gross Weight:6.8 kg (THB185)

Operating Instructions:English, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Japanese

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