Vision Support Nutrients (Economy set of 3 packets)
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For adults who have worries regarding vision, such as trouble focusing on close-at-hand items, feelings of eye fatigue, blurriness when reading small print, and difficulty seeing things in the evening compared to the morning. Vision Support Nutrients is a Food with Function Claims that is a complex blend of three substances carefully selected by FANCL: astaxanthin, lutein, and zeaxanthin. It has been verified as maintaining up-close focus, reducing feelings of eye fatigue, protecting eyes from photo-stimulation, and reducing blur to support vision clarity※. Begin your care regimen for clearer days ahead.
※From a research review for the functional substance.
※1: Function to improve up-close focus
※2:Function to reduce blur and improve vision clarity and function to increase the quantity of macula pigments
These are from a composition literature review (research review) for the functional substance (lutein).
※Food with Function Claims