Carrying on liquids to flight cabin

For aviation security purposes, no container with more than 100ml (g) of fluid of any type may be carried on board (cabin) on all international flights departing Japan.

Note: 100ml (g) = 3.4 ounces

Please read the rules on restrictions regarding the liquids you may carry with you into the cabin before preparing at home the liquids you carry on board.

Please note that if you carry a liquid into the cabin, you will pass through screening more smoothly if you take the liquid out of your baggage and place it on a tray provided for X-ray screening.

Liquids subject to screening

The following goods are classified as liquids subject to carry-on limits. If they exceed 100ml (g), you will need to hand them over at security screening, so please check thoroughly beforehand. Please note that gels and sprays are also subject to these limits.

Note: Alcoholic beverages exceeding 70% alcohol may not be carried with you in checked baggage or in carry-on baggage.

How to package liquids as baggage to carry with you

  • Well in advance of your flight, put your container of 100ml (g) or less of liquid into a clear, resealable 1-liter capacity zip-seal plastic bag.
  • The clear zip-seal plastic bag you can use to carry your liquids is no more than 20cm high and 20cm wide. If the bag has a gusset, its capacity will exceed 1 liter, so bags with gussets cannot be used.
  • Please purchase your own clear plastic zip-seal bag. Each passenger is permitted to carry only one clear plastic zip-seal bag.

Note: Even if the container is 100ml (g) or less, it cannot be carried unless it is in a clear plastic zip-seal bag.

Liquids purchased at a duty free shop, etc. after immigration procedures

If you are taking a nonstop flight

You are permitted to carry into the cabin any liquid purchased at a duty free, etc. after immigration procedures, including liquor and perfume.

However, you are not permitted to carry into the cabin when you return to Japan any duty free liquids purchased in Japan. Therefore, please pack them in your suitcase, etc. and hand them over to your airline in your checked baggage.

For further details, please contact your airline or see the following websites.

Kansai International Airport official website: Restrictions on liquids as carry-on cabin baggage for international flights departing from Kansai

Why you can you purchase liquids at a duty free shop after immigration procedures

All passengers are requested to undergo security screening before boarding aircraft so as to ensure the safe operation of the aircraft. We call the secured area after security screening, the "clean area." The clean area is an area where all the items carried by passengers have been checked, so it is an area with the same level of security as inside an aircraft. It is therefore treated the same as being inside an aircraft, so purchasing liquids is permitted.

If you are taking a connecting flight or a transferring flight

If you are taking a connecting flight, there are limits on the liquids you can carry into the cabin. Even if the item is purchased at a duty free shop at Kansai International Airport, it may be confiscated at the connecting airport. We do accept orders for duty free liquid items over 100ml on our order website, however, if you have any questions, please contact us.

(Liquids include lip gloss, mascara, liquid eye liner, liquid concealer, cream, gel etc.)

However, if the connecting airport operates a STEBs system, you may purchase duty free liquids in excess of 100ml.

What are "STEBs"?

They are special Security Tamper-Evident Bags made for liquids under international rules to prevent improprer tampering. They are specially designed to make it evident if the bag has been opened after sealing and they will not pass security screening at the connecting airport if they have been opened beforehand.