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Rejuvenate and brighten your skin with Le Soin Noir MicroConcentré, the exceptional new concentrate serum in the Givenchy Le Soin Noir range.
Infused with the extraordinary regenerative power of millennial Vital Algae, its innovative technology released upon contact with the skin a disruptive microencapsulated texture for exceptional repair and radiance.
With a high-end formula, the micro-beads create oil droplets suspended in an aqueous-gel phase for exceptional skin penetration and the ultimate sensoriality.
This visible encapsulation allows the ingredients to remain stable until application.
As part of the Le Soin Noir experience, Micro-Concentré is a luxurious step in your complete skincare ritual.
The specially designed pipette produces a sensory cascade as it delivers the perfect dose, combining the freshness of an aqueous-gel with nourishing comfort of an oil.
Combining the power of two new marine active ingredients1—Sea Daffodil and Iridescent Algae - this formulatory prowess offers the ultimate efficacy, visibly acting on the signs of aging for more translucent, luminous and revitalized skin.
The anti-age action regenerates and repairs your skin.
Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed, and the skin looks firmer.
Acting as a pigmented spot serum, the brightening effect fades the appearance of color imperfections, and your complexion looks more transparent and more even.
The long-lasting hydration provides a feeling of enduring comfort.
More luminous, the skin reveals its original youthful light.
KEY BENEFITS 18% reduction of pigmented spots color intensity2 26% more translucent skin2 34% more luminous skin2 43% more revitalized skin2 SENSORIALITY Experience the sensorial feeling of an oil combined with the seamless penetration of a serum with Le Soin Noir Micro-Concentré’s exceptional microencapsulated texture.
Its evanescent richness leaves no greasy film or stickiness, for a feeling of unparalleled comfort as it fuses with your skin.
Ideal alongside the Le Soin Noir Sérum.
A SUSTAINABLE LUXURY EXPERIENCE Composed by 96% of Long description Givenchy Beauty website ingredients of natural origin3, Le Soin Noir Micro Concentré offers unmatched sensoriality and ultimate efficiency.
For a sublimated and timeless design, Le Soin Noir Micro Concentré is encapsulated in a glass jar made with 15% of recycled glass.
1At Givenchy Le Soin Noir.
2Clinical assessment on 32 volunteers after 56 days.
3In accordance with ISO 16128. Including water.
The remaining 4% contributes to the sensory texture of the formula and its integrity.