ICHIRAN’s Original Spicy Red Seasoning (Can Version)
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ICHIRAN’s specialty seasoning is made from the finest hand-selected red peppers from around the world. The umami and spiciness of each tiny speck of seasoning can be tasted the moment it hits your mouth. Each specially selected spice we use is measured to the one-hundredth of a gram for that perfect balance of flavors.A mouth-watering complement to the various ingredients in any dish, our seasoning adds the most delicious accent to a meal. The spicy seasoning in our souvenir sets can also be used with other noodle dishes, as well as stir-fry, stews and other dishes. Those who like just a bit of spiciness, as well as those who love very spicy foods, will enjoy ICHIRAN’s Original Spicy Red Seasoning.

■Best-Before Date:more than 30 days from production
■Preservation Method:Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity and store at room temperature.