From 30s Supplement - for Women (Economy set of 3 packets)
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A single pack containing all the supplements you need in your 30s when you’re thinking about your future health.
Recommended for people who are considering taking supplements for the first time, or who are not sure what kind of supplements to take. An ideal selection of supplements for each age group and gender offered in a single pack. We make it easy to select the supplements that are right for you.

・Vitamin B & C
Basic vitamins that your body cannot store
・Triple Minerals & Lactobacillus & Carotene
Supplementing nutrients that are often deficient in food
For vision health
・DHA Emulsion & Hydroxytyrosol
Noticeably smooth-flowing
・GABA & Coenzyme Q10
For people with active lifestyles
・Iron & Folic Acid
Minerals that women are often deficient in and want to store up reliably
・HTC collagen
Collagen specifically with absorption in mind, available only from FANCL
※Food with Nutrient Function Claims