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The signature high-water contented sunscreen with heightened UV protection thru new infusion of AD Powder*, it delivers an ultrathin veil that effectively shields the skin from not only UVB but also the UVA rays that penetrate deep into the skin to cause damage. It blends into the skin to leave a lightweight, transparent veil without white residues, and will not disturb the finish of your makeup. Moisturizing ingredients such as Baby Peach Extract will drench the skin thoroughly with moisture and prolong the supple touch, soothing the dehydration which tends to result after UV exposure. Can be used daily in the city as well as during leisure or sport activities.

- Place a pearl size amount onto your palm and spread it over your face with the fingertips.
- Gently wrap and push into your face with palms for deeper penetration.
- Apply primer and foundation on top as usual.

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