THREE Balancing Stem Moisturizer
Item No. 3425003454
3.1 out of 5 Customer Rating

¥ 5,960
每人最多可預訂 6 個
A satisfyingly fresh moisturizer.
It cares even for damaged skin, giving a fine, smooth complexion.

This juicy gel moisturizer with a milky feel is packed with the bounty of herbs. The ingredients are emulsified to a uniform, fine consistency with our “smoothing veil formula,” giving your skin a smooth texture. It soaks in right away without stickiness, and leads your skin to health.
It also contains carefully-selected botanical oils and extracts which soothe damaged skin, and add-on ingredients to support the barrier function.
While holding on tightly to moisture, it gives you an even, smooth complexion for a clean and fresh impression.