Ultimate Trio - Essential Energy Set
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Achieve skin full of vitality and radiance
Three steps to stimulate beauty circulation
3-piece set of new Eudermine, best-selling Ultimune serum and moisturizing cream

-EUDERMINE Activating Essence 145mL
Activate self-restoring power.
Renew skin’s healthy clarity every day, for sustainable vibrancy.

A benefit-rich, fast-penetrating and potent Fermented Kefir essence lotion, for newborn smoothness and refreshed radiance. ActiveRED Technology helps skin absorb what it needs and carry out what it doesn’t.* As the renewal cycle continues, skin taps into its own energy to unlock its full potential.
Deeply hydrated, multiple skin concerns such as pores, blemishes, and dullness are cleared, for healthy vibrant skin.
*in vitro

-ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate III 100mL
Vital flow boosts skin’s inner defenses.
Healthy vibrant skin thrives into the future.
Elevate skin’s natural multi-defensive power against signs of aging, environmental factors, and daily stress such as dryness. Shiseido’s ImuGenerationRED TechnologyTM help broaden skin’s nutrient network and feeds collagen’s key component. A renewed rush of power sends waves of strength through the skin.
Wrinkles are less noticeable. Skin becomes smoother, more resilient and healthy looking, with its radiance recharged.

Hydrating Cream 50g
Beyond hydration. The sustainable power source for a fresh, healthy glow.
With SHISEIDO’s original Hyaluronic Acid RED, 24-hour intense moisture rushes into skin’s deeper layers*. Vital nutrients are delivered throughout, kickstarting a healthy, hydrated condition that sustains itself. Feel virtually transformed from within. Skin glows with energy. Feel soft and supple. Healthy vibrant.
・EUDERMINE Activating Essence
Apply morning and evening after cleansing and before serum. Pour lotion on palm or cotton pad and smooth gently over skin.
For even greater effects, tap gently into skin with your fingers.

・ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate III
Apply morning and evening after cleansing and before moisturizing.
When using with other serums, apply Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate first.
Push the pump twice to dispense formula onto palm of hand and smooth evenly over the face.

Use every morning and night, after cleansing and ULTIMUNE serum.
Take cream onto the fingertips and apply it to the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.
Smooth the cream gently over the face, starting in the larger areas such as the cheeks and forehead. Move from the center of the face outward.
In the morning, it can be used before UV-protective items.