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Oil but not oily. Spreads out like gel as if melting on the skin. It feels like this serum deftly senses the skin condition, makes the skin refreshed, full of vivacity, and smooth and radiant like being dressed in a silk robe. 〇 Skin safeguards human being from external threats as the outermost material layer. In light of this fundamental physiological purpose, it is critical to keep skin well-conditioned and healthy-looking, by protecting skin from environmental adversarial factors like dryness in busy modern lifestyle.-THE GINZA's original ingredient Perceptive Complex EX™ has moisturizing and skin-conditioning properties. It includes Rosa Roxyburghii fruit extract, sodium carboxymethyl beta-glucan, polyquaternium-51, Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract (with anti-oxidant property), and dipropylene Glycerin.○ Spreads with a fresh feeling despite being an oil form, and makes the skin smooth like silk. - Hybrid Silk Veil™ formula employed.〇 Infused with nature-inspired oil ingredients, tenderly envelopes the skin and locks moisture. - Formulated with baobab oil, argan oil (emollient ingredient).〇 Moisturizes and conditions dehydrated skin instantly.○ Skin feels better prepped for the following skincare products.〇 Skin feels less puffy and appears brighter with a healthy glow, if apply with message along with lymphatic flow.○ Can also be applied as a luxuriously scented hand care.○ The fresh and calming Linden Aroma transforms everyday skincare into blissful, relaxing ritual.*dermatologist-tested.
Facial massage for a beautiful, toned look《Facial massage》Press the dispenser once or twice onto the palm and spread the serum over both palms.Use the entire pads of the fingers to smooth over the face with a massaging motion as illustrated below. *Slowly move the fingers at the tempo of the heartbeat for best results.1 Blend in as lifting the cheeks and drawing a large circle outwardly. 2 Lift the mouth corners with the middle and ring fingers.Lift the sides of the nose wings.3 Massage the forehead in a lifting motion and gently draw a circle around the eye.Lightly press the temples.―For those who would like to enjoy an extensive massage―《Massage to tone your facial contour》1 Pump once into the palm of your hand and smooth over the entire facial line from the tip of the chin to the sides of the cheeks and to the forehead.2 Pinch the jawline with the joints of your thumbs and index fingers. ①Massage three points along the jawline three times. ②Glide along from the tip of the chin to under the ears using a lifting motion. Repeat three times.3 Massage the cheeks with your hands using a lifting motion toward the temples. Repeat three times.4 Massage in a lifting motion from the temples to the forehead three times.5 Massage the forehead by working upwards three times. Stop at the hairline to complete the massage. Slowly release your hands.《Massage for a beautiful décolleté》1 Pump once into the palm of your hand and smooth over the side of your neck, shoulder and décolleté.2 ①Massage down the neckline from under the ear to the shoulder. ②Slide over the collarbone toward the center. ③Work along the side of the neck upwards. Repeat ① - ③ three times.3 Massage below the collarbone from the center outward using a little pressure three times. 4 Massage the area a little further below the collarbone from the center outward using a little pressure three times.5 Starting from the final point of 4, massage by pulling with your four fingers to the center diagonally. Repeat three times.Slowly stop the massage and release your hands. Pump once into the palm of your other hand and massage the other side in the same manner.