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Have you ever
thought of these things
about shopping in airport
duty free shops?

  • Can I purchase duty free items cheaper?
  • I am worried about short shopping time before an airplane departures!
  • What payment options are available?

These problems are
cleaned up by us !
That's why
KIX DUTY FREE is chosen
due to many shoppers
3 reasons !!

  • 1

    There are several "beneficial" things

    • Purchase "beneficial" duty free products excluding
      consumption tax, tariff, cigarette tax and liquor tax.
    • Get web preorder promotion more "beneficial".
    • Buy duty free limited items handled by duty free shops.
  • 2

    Making good use of your spare time before boarding

    • you can pick up booking items without standing in long line.
    • You can pick up booking items in appointed shop at one time.
    • You don't need complicated procedure.
    • If you make a reservation at the WEB site, you can purchase the items you want or requested items reliably. Shopping time during travel is also shortened.
  • 3

    Fulfilling payment options

    • Japanese yen, U.S. dollars, credit cards, union pay, ALIPAY
      and more are available.
    • Please be comfortable with shopping since we have staff
      speaking Japanese, Chinese,English and Korean

Our WEB preorder site

  • accepts a reservation up to 5:00PM on the day before your departure day

  • Handled more than about 6,000 kinds of items

  • 5 %OFF digital coupon shows up on the web after you made a reservation.

Useful Information for Overseas Travel

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【公式】関西国際空港 関空 直営免税店

資生堂、SKⅡ、CPB(クレドポーボーテ)、THE GINZA(ザ・ギンザコスメティックス)、THREE(スリー)、FANCL(ファンケル)、 COSME DECORTE(コスメデ コルテ)、RMK、Dr.Cilabo(ドクター シーラボ)、SOFINA(ソフィーナ)、KANEBO(カネボウ)、KOSE(コーセ)、  JILL STUART(ジルスチュアート)、などの日本化粧品から、CHANEL(シャネル)、  ESTEE LAUDER(エスティローダー)、LANCOM(ランコム)、YSL(イヴサンローサン)、Kiehl's(キールズ)、CLINIQUE(クリニーク)、  DE LA MER(ドゥラメール)、GIRGIO ARMANI(ジョルジオ アルマーニ)、GIVENCHY(ジバンシー)、CLARINS(クラランス)、  SHU UEMURA(シュウウエムラ)、GUERLAIN(ゲラン)、などの外国化粧品、日本酒、梅酒などのお酒、IQOS(アイコス)、PloomTECK(プルームテック)、などのたばこ、  お菓子、時計、ReFa(リファ)などの雑貨まで、関西空港最大の圧倒的な品揃え!

関西空港 関空 直営免税店公式ショップのKIX DUTY FREEがおトクで便利なお買い物を提供します