Difference between DUTY FREE and TAX FREE

Difference between DUTY FREE and TAX FREE

Difference between DUTY FREE and TAX FREE

Smart shopper is a good traveler! Shopping at duty freeshop is best deal ever!

The charactes which you see "DUTY FREE"and "TAX FREE" every where in cities and airports. You can image the meaning of it, but there are not so many people who can tell the differences.
Here we will explain the dirrerences bewtween "DUTY FREE" and "TAX FREE" in an easy-to-understand manner. In addition, we will introduce points on using duty free shops.


What is different between DUTY FREE and TAX FREE?

DUTY FREE is to be exempted from all taxes

Duty FREE refers to exempting all taxes such as liquor tax, tobacco tax, customs duty, in addition to consumption tax. The duty free shop at the airport handles the duty-free item, so if you are a user of international flight, foreigners and residents of that country can use it.

Generally, taxes such as various distribution costs and consumption taxes are added to products sold in the market. However, since all taxes are exempted at DUTY FREE SHOP, it can be purchased at a considerably affordable price.

Even in the same duty-free shop TAX FREE is subject to tax exemption for consumption tax, so the price difference is very different. Duty-free shop has advantages of not requiring procedures for tax exemption.
Let's enjoy shopping at Duty-free shop when using International flights!

TAX FREE is to be exempt mainly from consumption tax

TAX FREE means that "VAT" such as consumption tax is exempted . The target of TAX FREE is a foreigner who is traveling abroad to that country. Shopping more than a certain amount is subject to tax exemption, but the refund rate and target items vary from country to country.

For example, the conditions subject to tax exemption in Japan are as follows.

1. In the case of general goods (shoes, bags, watches, jewelry items, clothes, home appliances, etc.)
Total purchase amount of 5,000 yen or more per day at the same store
2. In the case of expendable items (foodstuffs, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.)
Total purchase amount per day in the same store is 5,000 yen or more and 500,000 yen or less

The target is only for personal shopping, and it is not subject to tax exemption when purchasing for business use / sale. Also, it is conditional to bring it out of Japan within 30 days after purchase and you can not open the specified packaging until you leave Japan.

Source : Japan Tourism Agency Homepage  ( http://www.mlit.go.jp/kankocho/tax-free/about.html )
As of January,2017

"TAX FREE", required procedures by users.

If you use a TAX FREE shop, you need to make a refund procedure by using "tax · refund service" in order to receive tax exemption.
Tax · refund services are taking place in various countries around the world, passports are essential for refund procedures. It is good idea to have your passport when you shop. Dpending on the stores, you can use the service even with a copy of your passport, so let's check in advance.

Shopping at duty freeshop is best deal ever!

Let's check how much you can shop in DUTY FREE or TAX FREE.
For example, let's take a look at the case of buying alcohol in Japan. In addition to consumption tax and liquor tax for alcohol, duties are imposed on imported goods.
Alcohol sold at a Japanese liquor store A. The usual price is 9,720 yen. When you buy this at a shop in TAX FREE, it is 9,000 yen because the consumption tax (8% as of 2016) is drawn.
On the other hand, if you bought it at a shop in DUTY FREE, you can purchase at around 7, 800 yen because tax and duties are exempted except for consumption tax. Duty-free shops sell sometimes depending on the time, and you can get it at a more affordable price than TAX FREE.

In this way, DUTY FREE is a great appeal to be able to shop much better than the market price.
"But would not it be cheaper to buy at local shops than duty-free shops? "There are cases where popular items are out of stock, or you can't stop by while traveling because the shops are away.
More than anything, why don't you stop wasting your valuvable time finding souvenirs?

Duty - free shops sell a wide variety of souvenirs as well as standard items such as perfumes, sake and tobacco. There are cases where the latest items of each brand line up sometime, you may get the items you wish at resonable price.
If the items which you wish to purchase are final already, it is also recommended to use booking site of duty free shop. You can pick up items smoothly at KIX DUTY FREE if you check and book items which you wish to purchase by our booking site.

It is smart choise to buy souvenirs before departures if you want to enjoy your travel.
Why don't you look for interested or popular items on this occasion?

Beginners who travel overseas got to check this out! Points to be careful in a duty free shop

Beware of bringing liquids in the airplane

In Japan as well as overseas, it is principly forbidden to bring liquids in the cabin.
However you can bring in only on items you purchased at duty free shop. No need to wrry about purchasing alcohol and perfume. However depending on the country of our destination, there are conditions such as "unoopned" and "need to attach he receipt of proof of purchase", so we recommend you to check by yourself.

You need to be aware to bring in items if there is a transfer. Some countries restrict the carrying of liquids in the cabin.
If you are going to transfer via Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia and Cambodia, the you need to recieve items once and re-enter as baggage. You need attention there is posibility to confiscate if you forget depositing your baggage.
Since the rules vary from country to country, please confirm it to the airlines in advance.

You will be subject to taxation if you over-buy

Tax exemption rules differ in each country, and you may have to pay tax if you bring in beyond those regulations.
For example if you purchase souvenirs at Japanese Duty free shop and bring it back in Japan, the tax exemption range of japan applies then. Since excess is taxable, there is a possibility that taxes will be collected even if you shop with good deal. Let's be careful in over-buying.

In addition, the tax free range that you can bring to Japan for reference is as follows.
Within this range, you can bring it to Japan without tax.

Popular cigarettes for souvenirs and yourself. You can purchase with affordable price more than buying in town because no need to pay cigarette tax at duty free shop.
Tobacco is subject to tax exemption up to one carton (200) made in Japan and foreign country respectively.
For example, if you purchase 2 cartons in total, one made in Japan and one made in a foreign country, it will be tax exempt. For Japan carton only 2 cartons, one carton is tax-exempt as it is out of the tax exemption range. Please be careful when bringing in.
Alcohol which is the stable item of overseas travel souvenirs. Duty free shop do not charge you the import duty, so you can buy premium imorted alcohol at inexpensive price.
Alcohol is subject to tax exemption up to 3 bottles of 760 ml per one bottle .
For goods with small volume, taxes will not be imposed unless the total amount exceeds 2,280 ml .
Perfume which attracts you by not only fragrance but also design is polpular souvenirs of woman.
Perfume is subject to tax exemption up to 2 ounces (56 ml). It depends on volume but about 1 bottle is a standard.
Eau de Cologne and Eau de Toilette are not included.
Other items
Souvenirs other than tobacco, alcohol, perfume are classified as "other things". Foods such as chocolate and bags of brand are also treated as "other things".
  • 1. The total amount of tax exemption is maximum up to 200,000 yen. Tax will be charged for the amount exceeding 200,000 yen.
  • 2. Souvenirs exceeding 200,000 yen per one item will be taxed to the full amount. For example, if you bring in a bag of 300,000 yen, tax will be applied to the full amount
  • 3. Those with a total of 10,000 yen or less for each item principly will be tax exempted. For example, two handkerchiefs of 5,000 yen per piece are eligible for exemption. In this case, however, please be careful as it is calculated by "item".

Source: Japan Customs Homepage  ( http://www.customs.go.jp/kaigairyoko/menzei.htm )
As of January,2017

"Which item should I do tax exemption for get the benefit? " You don't need to worry because customs officer will choose and calculate exemption item in many cases. If still worried, it is good idea to ask about it to duty free shop staff when shopping.

Duty-free shops are attractive not only for cheap but also fun to shopping at ease. You can get the items you really want certainly if you use duty-free shop's booking site. Let's shop smart and enjoy traveling abroad!

If boarding a regular flight:
Orders can be placed from one month before departure to 5 p.m. on the day before flight.
If you have selected "Other airlines" when registering flight information, or if you are boarding a late night or early morning flight.

Orders can be placed from one month before departure to 5 p.m. two days before flight.

*Late night or early morning flight refers to flights departing between 0 a.m. to 7 a.m.

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