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Ritual of renewal starts with treatment lotion, the perfect serum, eye treatment and moisturizer.

Genaissance de la Mer The Serum Essence


This age-transcending essence was inspired when a scientist at the Max Huber Research Labs discovered crystals forming in a beaker of Miracle Broth™. It took countless experiments to recreate the phenomenon, but the pure, perfect and highly concentrated crystals held the promise of taking back visible time. Years later, Genaissance de la Mer was born.
The Serum Essence combines slow-crafted Crystal Miracle Broth with three additional forms of Miracle Borth and the refined 24k gold-infused Genaissance™ ferment to transform age into agelessnewss. Lines and wrinkles appear dramatically softened. The complexion looks perfected, more even, lustrous and crystal clear. Pores visibly refine. Natural collagen and elastin enhanced for a look of resilience.
Rejuvenation becomes a relatiy as skin is visibly reborn.

How to use

To unlock its full potential, gently press several drops of The Serm Essence between fingertips.
1. Starting at the neck, apply rolling pressure with 3 fingertips. Rpeat on chin, cheeks and forehead.
2. Place index fingers on temples and glide thumb upward on face and forehead.
3. Place index fingers below ears and glide outward from the center of the neck
4. Place thumbs on the temples and quickly stroke upward on face and forehead using index fingers.
5. Place thumbs below ears and quiclkly stroke outward from the center of neck.
Aviod eye area.

Product No 3405007895
duty-free price ¥64,800
Volume 30ml