Important notice regarding usage of this site

Important notice regarding usage of this site

Prepaying on our website

Our website is for ordering duty free items. It is not for prepayment, posting, or delivery of those items. You can collect the items you have ordered on our website from the shop designated by us on completion of ordering. Please go to the designated shop on the day you board your flight and collect your items after making the payment.

Note: Please note that it is not possible for you to designate the shop for collection of your items.

Prices of items listed on our website

The prices of items listed on our website are the prices at the time you view our website and may differ from the prices at the time of payment. Please note that the prices of items may change without prior notice.

Information about items delisted from our website

Information about items delisted from our website will be deleted from your My orders page two years after being delisted.

Item return or exchange

We do not exchange or accept return of items due to your own circumstances.
In the event of a product fault, we ask that you please contact Inquiries, below. When contacting Inquiries, please give your date of purchase, your name (the passenger), and item name. If you have your receipt at hand, (form for export check) please give the receipt number.


Kansai Airport Agency Co., Ltd.

B1F Passenger Terminal Building, 1 Senshu-Kuko Kita, Izumisano City, Osaka 549-0001
Hours:9:00-17:00(Available all year round, seven days a week.)

Bringing duty free items back into Japan

Duties (customs duty, liquor tax, tobacco tax, etc.) are exempted for duty free items on condition that the items are purchased by customers departing Japan for overseas and that the customers carry the items overseas (for consumption overseas). Therefore, any items you are carrying when re-entering Japan, even if duty free items purchased when departing Japan, will be subject to payment of customs duty if they exceed Japan's duty free limits.
The duty free limits when entering Japan are available here.


Restrictions have been in place since March 2007 on the liquids that may be carried into aircraft cabins. Although those restrictions do not apply to liquids purchased at duty free shops, etc. after completing immigration procedures, if you are taking a connecting or transferring flight, items may be confiscated at the connecting airport.
The restrictions on liquids are available here.


Our website uses SSL to encrypt your personal information when receiving and sending it, so we can assure you that the data you send cannot be stolen by a third party.

Recommended environment when using our website

For best performance when using our website, we recommend you use the following environment.

Website for desktops


  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Google Chrome 53
  • Mozilla Firefox 49


  • Safari 10
  • Google Chrome 53
  • Mozilla Firefox 49

You can download a version you don't have for free. Click on the link below, go to the website, download the version and install it for use on your desktop.

Note: Please see the website for instructions on downloading and installing.
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If boarding a regular flight:
Orders can be placed from one month before departure to 5 p.m. on the day before flight.
If you have selected "Other airlines" when registering flight information, or if you are boarding a late night or early morning flight.

Orders can be placed from one month before departure to 5 p.m. two days before flight.

*Late night or early morning flight refers to flights departing between 0 a.m. to 7 a.m.

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